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The Legend of the fall 燃情岁月(又名《秋日传奇》) 导演:爱德沃德·斯威兹 EdwardZwich 主演:布拉德·皮特 BradPitt、安东尼·霍普金斯 AnthonyHopkins、朱丽娅·奥蒙德 JuliaOrmond、依丹·奎恩 AidanQuinn 获奖:第六十七届奥斯卡最佳摄影奖 ...

The movie Legends Of The Fall takes the 19th American culture-country cowboy\'s life(sorry for my poor description) as a background and chooses the state Montana where the natural scenery is far more than beautiful and charming...

点《Legends of the fall》里的一支歌儿—— As evening fell A madame stood At the edge of wood In her hand lay the reigns of a stallion I've never seen a girl as fair Heard the gentle voice anywhere Whispered alas She belongs Belon...


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