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Do you have any question?XXX is your account number, please verify this....Thank you very much for taking the time to reply my email. I have ...

你好! I have too much homework so I don't have any free time to do things which I like.我有太多作业所以我没有空闲时间去做我喜欢的事情。

B 考查时态。had wanted本想要。根据时间状语last night及I’ll have to finish it today说过去一直在做,故用过去进行时,选B。

" "People," said the fox, "they have guns, they hunt, it's in the..."I cannot play with you," the fox said. "I am not tamed." "Ah! ...

The fact I have a good time with you guys should have more of my friends are not in any of them were in this country to country is in fact a new song on repeat since yesterday I have no idea what I was in my room is not an easy...


我从来没有很多的时间练习。 这是much 我从来没有任何时间练习。 这是any 两个语法上都可以,但是事实上来说,从没任何时间练习是不太可能。

within my reach放在我够得到的地方 can表推测一般用于疑问句,当用于肯定句中时表示一种"客观的可能性" 即在晚上天就是很有可能会很冷的. unless翻译为"除非"=if not; 我每天都去散步,除非发生什么意想不到的事情 注意与now现在对比的,就是过去w...

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